Solo travel trend

At Friendship Travel we’ve known for a long time that solo travel is exciting, fun and something we love telling people about. Pinterest users have now started echoing these feelings as it is now a huge trend on the popular social platform.

Wedding planning, inspirational quotes and travel are all over Pinterest, and according to Business Insider UK, solo travel is now emerging as a huge trend. Since 2014, there has been a 350 per cent increase in Pinning the topic of solo travel, particularly amongst females. Typical posts show people spreading their arms wide in beautiful locations in what is being called a “wander woman” pose.

Christine Schirmer from Pinterest said of the trend, “Pinners of all ages tell us this is less about self-discovery and more about simply not wanting to compromise on where and when they want to travel.”

Head to the Pinterest site to join in on the action, or download the app to use on your mobile or tablet.

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