Spain leads the world with the most Blue Flag beaches on planet earth.


With more than any other country around, Spain boasts an immensely impressive 579 beaches and 100 marina resorts which have been certified with the prestigious Blue Flag award.

The Blue Flag certification started back in 1987 and is rewarded by the European Environmental Foundation to the beaches recognised for their all-round high quality.

To be eligible for the award, certain criteria must be met, such as environmental, educational, safety, and access related goals. This includes the quality of water and the services available at said beaches.

The fact that Spain is able to claim such a large number of these certified beaches is pretty staggering, and just one of the many reasons why singles on holiday flock to the country.

One out of every five Spanish beaches holds the Blue Flag certification, and even more impressively, one out of every six Blue Flag beaches in the world is found in Spain.

If you are heading to Barcelona for your next holiday, you will be in luck as every beach here has the Blue Flag award to its name. There are nine in total that boarder the city’s three miles of coastline

Bogatell beach is 702 metres long and includes ping-pong tables, a football pitch, and beach volley ball.

The Sant Miquel beach takes its name from the Church of Sant Miquel del Port, and is one of the oldest in the city, known for its ease of access.

Nova Icària is one of Barcelona’s quieter beaches and boasts one of the widest range of amenities such as a playground, table tennis, volleyball, and a bathing support service for disabled persons.

With the nearest being only a 15-25 minute walk from the city centre, and by being able to take the metro to every single one, it truly is a beach lover’s paradise.