Tourism spending reached record levels during the first six months of 2015, showing first-hand the progress the country is making towards economic recovery.

With beautiful beaches, almost guaranteed sunshine and a wealth of events taking place throughout the year, it’s no surprise that Spain has long been one of the most popular hotspots for a singles summer holiday.

According to figures released by the Federal Tourist Expenditure Survey late last month, visitors to Spain spent a staggering €37.129billion between January and July, indicating a healthy 7.7 per cent rise on the same timeframe during 2014. When dividing the amount depending on country, it shows that the UK handed over more than €7.58 billion during the period.

Coupled with the news that Spain has already received a record number of tourists during 2015, it has clearly been a fantastic year for tourism and one which is sure to continue providing positivity over the months ahead.

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