Still snowing in St. Anton Despite the unpredictable weather, this years winter has brought a fruitful ski season to many resorts in Austria, especially that of St. Anton where incredibly it’s still snowing

The popular Austrian ski resort was fearing for the worst at the start of the season, what with a curiously balmy winter lingering over the region leaving its usually snow laden slopes looking more like muddy tracks. However, fortunes soon changed for the better, as the whole of Europe was blanketed in snow, with St.Anton inundated with around 4 metres worth.

The resort is still showing excellent snow levels, offering 345cm of snow on high ground and 80cm in the lower regions, incredible levels of snowfall considering we are now into mid April. With a couple of centimetres falling here and there, the snow doesn’t look to melt anytime soon.

It holds the region in high regard for next season, with snow expected to sweep across the pistes as soon as winter begins to bite. Why not try out the slopes of St. Anton next year, offering a unique destination for unforgettable solo holidays.

Image courtesy of Giggy (Wikipedia)