There are few things more relaxing on a Caribbean holiday than enjoying a swim in the islands’ crystal clear sea.

Caribbean Sea

This November, however, the ‘strongman swimmer’ Ross Edgley plans to raise the pastime of taking a dip in the ocean to a whole new level.

Edgley is currently preparing to take on the gruelling swim between the Caribbean islands of Martinique and St Lucia, and, as if this wasn’t enough, he will be looking to navigate the 40km stretch with a 100lb tree attached to his trunks!

As explained in this GQ article, the endurance athlete made headlines last year when he successfully completed a triathlon whilst carrying a tree, which led to the media dubbing him the world’s first ‘tree-athlete’.

In the article, Edgley says how he and his friends later decided that the unique concept “should live on and continue to raise money and awareness for some amazing causes”, which prompted him to plan this latest adventure.

Of course, whilst everyone who follows Edgley’s exploits will be wishing him the best of luck, there can be little doubt that most of us who enjoy solo holidays abroad would rather enjoy the beautiful Caribbean in a much more leisurely fashion!

Image Credit: Ian D. Keating