A recent study has found that around two-thirds of UK residents booking a holiday will do so online, evidencing the move away from the high-street travel agent.

The research was done by TNS on behalf of the Travel Weekly magazine, interviewing over 2,000 people about their travel plans. The study also unveiled a number of other fascinating facts, including the reality that there was an age gap when it came to booking on the internet, with under 35’s more likely to use internet services.

The study also found that the UK has a north / south divide when it comes to booking holidays online, with those in the south more likely to use the internet to book group and singles holidays, where as residents in the north still preferred to visit a high-street travel agent.

The reason for the growth of internet travel has mostly been put down to choice, with online users able to find the perfect holiday much more easily.

Image Credit: Alan_D (flickr.com)