Study reveals friends recommendations help people choose holidaysWith so many locations around the world to visit, the task of choosing where to take your next holiday is sometimes met with great difficulty.

It seems friends are a great tool to help persuade holidaymakers where to travel; that’s the message that recent research has unveiled. According to a study of 5,000 holidaymakers which was carried out by TravelSupermarket, recommendations by friends are hugely important for people when trying to book their dream getaway. It also found that browsing through people’s holiday photos in physical presence or via social networks will also entice, with some people saying they would rather use images of friends as a basis for their decision rather than images of celebrity figures.

With increased travel options to places all over the world, it has never been easier to visit beautiful locations for your singles holidays, such as Portugal and Spain. If you are unsure on where to go, it seems talking to your friends and family could provide you with the answers.

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