flightWhile many of us in the UK may believe we are a nation of globetrotters, a recent survey has revealed that this might not be entirely true.

The online poll, which questioned 2,200 people to find out how well travelled we are as a nation, found that some of us haven’t tasted any form of culture across the UK border, with 13% of people over thirty never having tried a holiday abroad. One fifth of people over 30 haven’t even dipped their feet in the sea, and 10% of those who have travelled have never experienced a stroll along a Mediterranean beach, a brilliant way to relax on a holiday.

It comes as incredible news, especially with such fantastic cultures and landmarks found all over the planet. Whether you’ve never experienced the joy of a holiday abroad or are a confirmed travel-addict, why not see the world through one of the great solo holidays available from us?

Image Credit: tedeytan (Flickr.com)