It’s been revealed that a third of Brits fail to take all of their allocated holiday allowance, leaving us feeling run down, stressed and depressed.

Women are more likely to feel the holiday blues set in just three months and three weeks after their previous holiday, whilst men struggle after four months and four weeks.

The findings are results from the Wellness Research survey conducted by, which looked into the holiday habits and trends of British travellers.

Along with the calculated timeline at which the common ‘holiday blues’ set in, the research also found that 3.15 million people forfeited three days of annual leave last year and another 30 per cent missed out on seven days or more.

Speaking to the Western Daily Press, Wayne Perks, Managing Director at commented: “Our research has shown that not getting the best value from each day of your annual leave or leaving it too long between days-off has a knock on effect on people’s well-being and career.”

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Image Credit: Unsplash (Pixabay)