A survey carried out by Expedia has highlighted how that Britons like to relax on their holidays, suggesting that whilst some like to spend their time getting out and about, most are keen to just sit back and soak up the sunshine.A survey from Expedia has highlighted how inactive Britons are on their holidays

It comes after Expedia published the results from their Flip Flop Report, where over 11,000 travellers from all over the world were asked about what they love to do best on their holidays. All people included had either been on holiday recently or planned to go on one in the next 12 months.

It found that Britons were among the least active of all, being beaten only by travellers from Japan and Thailand. It revealed that of the Britons included in the survey, just shy of one fifth (19 per cent) said that they could be bothered to go for a swim, try surfing or enjoy any other water sports.

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Image Credit: Yolanda (flickr.com)