solo reading on the beach

Here at Friendship Travel, we can reveal – following a recent survey – the things that solo travellers like doing best on their annual holiday.

The survey asked ‘’what is your idea of a good holiday?” The results show that just like families and couples, single travellers want to relax and chill in the sun by the pool or on the beach.

We can reveal that the top five requirements for a good singles holiday are as follows:

  • Total relaxation (sun, sand, sleep and read)
  • Stimulating sightseeing
  • Activities and sporty pursuits
  • Good nightlife
  • Special interest/hobby holidays

When asked what worried them about taking a singles holiday, eating by alone tops the list. Also high on the list was having company – someone to chat to and sight see with.

Our survey shows that the top five things that put single holidaymakers off taking a holiday alone are:

  • Eating on your own, especially in restaurants
  • Lack of company
  • Cost – are there hefty single room supplements?
  • The idea that a singles holiday is a “dating agency”
  • Confidence and security

In fact, the following comment made one of our clients is typical of so many that were received.

We feel it sums up what a Friendship holiday is all about:

“On a singles holiday with Friendship Travel you have company when you want it – especially at meal times. There’s company there whenever you choose, but you don’t feel antisocial if all you want to do is sit by the pool and read.  No pressure.”


More than 600 participants took part in the online survey comprising of both regular Friendship Travel guests and those who have not travelled on a singles holiday of any kind.

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