It is easy to get fed up of seeing everyone else’s holiday pictures on social media, or worse, when you are invited to their house to look at them. But actually, taking snaps of your trip is going to help you recall it.

holiday photos

Following a recent study by HomeAway, a holiday home provider, it has revealed that taking selfies and pictures on holiday makes you 40% more likely to remember your trip.

HomeAway created their ‘holiday equation’ study with Professor Art Markman and researchers at the University of Texas. Markman is renowned for his expert knowledge in human cognition and behaviour.

The research found that 73% of holidaymakers who are happy and excited before their trip, will be able to recall it better than those who perhaps get excited when they get back.

“This research suggests that there is a significant cognitive advantage for people who let themselves get excited prior to their trips: they remember their holidays better than those who don’t,” said Professor Markman.

The study involved hundreds of holidaymakers from around the world and asked them questions before, during and after their holiday.

holiday selfie

Anyone planning their next singles holiday abroad should go for a mountain holiday, as those who do are 12% more likely to recall it.

Taking a ‘selfie’ has become one of the breakthrough trends in recent times. The method of taking a photo of yourself has developed thanks to front facing cameras and even ‘selfie sticks.’

For anyone thinking that they could sneak in some extra hours of work while on holiday should shut down the laptop; you’re 43% more likely to struggle remembering your trip if you work just one hour a day.