It’s been a great start to the singles holidays season at the Hotel Era in Turkey – and the first two weeks have already been and gone in a flash.  We’ve had a lovely group of guests who all joined in the fun and there’s been plenty of sunshine to go around.

I think some people are surprised at how much there is to do – if they want to – around Olu Deniz.  Quite a few people opt for an authentic Turkish Bath with a rub and a scrub (good exfoliation for winter bodies!) followed by an aromatherapy massage…  And if you’re the sort of person who usually takes until day four of your holiday to relax, I can recommend this as a way to ‘speed up’ the ‘winding down’ process.

Tuesday night each week is our Nightshift, an aspect of Friendship Travel holidays that is becoming famous.  It’s our night out on the tiles with the Hosts.  Like everything on our singles holidays, it’s entirely optional, and it’s great fun.

Dinner at the Hotel Era with Friendship Travel

A highlight (if only in terms of hysteria) of the Nightshift in Hisaronou is Ibo on the Bucking Bronco, ‘showing off’ this strange skill.  A good night was had by all, with a handful staying out till all hours, but in true Friendship Travel style they still managed to make it to breakfast.   The things people will do for a free T-shirt…

Understandably, given a couple of late nights and long sunny days, quite a few people have been snoozing or reading in the sun by the pool, or down on the beach in Olu Deniz.  However, I’ve also waved quite a few people off on various hikes to the Saklikent Gorge and to Kayakoy Ghost Village on a Cookbook excursion.  An intrepid handful have even been getting their thrills by jumping off the mountain and paragliding over Olu Deniz.  I am told the view from up there is fantastic, but you still won’t catch me doing it!

This week’s fun has also included a VIP day cruise, which we set up just for Friendship Travel guests. It was a fantastic chill-out day: blue sea, warm sun, blue sky and a tasty BBQ lunch cooked by the ship’s captain.  A great way to top up the tan, and a really sociable day together.

We’ve also celebrated a couple of birthdays this week, which were (as if we needed them) two more excuses to have a good time.  The season is definitely under way at the Era.  Here’s to the rest of the summer!

Dinner is always a sociable meal