Holidays alone are a chance to create your own memories, have your own schedule and control your own time. Because solo holidays are what you make of them, they are also a great time to tell the world about your amazing personal experiences.

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Whether it be online, through social media or with a swipe of your smartphone, there are a number of great apps and blogging services that can help you create a one-of-a-kind record of your holiday. You can provide live updates for family and friends back home, share amazing photos and text, and even produce a real travel book in the end.

Here are some great travel journal tools that can help you remember your singles’ holiday for years to come:

Travel Diaries

One tool to help you tell your holiday story is Travel Diaries. This online travel diary lets you add chapters that are easily converted into an online blog that you can share as you see fit. It allows you to add text and photos, and provides a number of interesting layouts and picture options.

A popular feature on Travel Diaries allows you to map your travel routes as well. You can add maps and pins that can track your amazing journey. There is a world map and zoom capabilities too.

Privacy whilst travelling alone is important and you can control the settings on your diary. It can be set only for specific friends and family, or you can set it to public to let the world discover your adventures. It’s up to you.

And the diary isn’t finished when your trip is over. You can choose to download your entire diary or even have it printed as a book to enjoy. To get started, visit their website.


Travel Pod

Almost 20 years old, this online blogging tool offers users free access to tell a great travel story. Cited by National Geographic, Trip Advisor and CNN, this website allows people to share their travels in real-time. The site even allows you to continue adding content after your trip is over and you are back home.

The folks at Travel Pod consider themselves one of the first online tools for travellers. With public and private settings, you can blog from anywhere with a mobile app, which integrates with your laptop or desktop as well. The site will also provide updates to your friends and family so you don’t have to do so for each individual.

It is free to create your own travel blog on the site. With nearly 60,000 weekly users, the site’s community is vibrant and exciting. The site also provides connections to local travel guides, Trip Advisor reviews, and tips on enjoying oneself on a cruise. They also provide some of the most popular travel blogs on the site for inspiration

Visit their website for more details or to see who is blogging this week.


Off Exploring

Another great tool for creating digital memories of your solo holiday is Off Exploring. This interactive online platform lets you sign in with your popular social media accounts and quickly share your experiences. Perfect for the day trips to be enjoyed when spending time at your resort in Spain, or a seaside escape in Croatia, this site lets you show off your travels.

Off Exploring allows you to create a trip homepage – the launching point for your travel journal. You can share maps, blog entries, photos and updates. It also allows you to find other site users that may be nearby. Once you’ve set up your account, the site has a message board and comments section with tips about ways to tell the best online stories.

What’s great about this blogging site is that it allows you to post unlimited photos and unlimited video uploads. With that, you can keep your smartphone storage free and add new images and videos each day of your trip.

Get all the details about Off Exploring from their website.

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Trip Journal

Previously named the best travel application by Google, the Trip Journal is one of the best ways to preserve the memories of your holiday. With easy integration to your smartphone and connections to Google Earth, you can trace your amazing travels.

With Trip Journal, you can maintain travel routes, share hi-res photos and videos. It allows you to interact with your travel journal readers with blog entries and comments. It will also collect interested factoids such as distance and time and geographic points of interest.

It can also being integrated with your preferred social networks, including Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, YouTube and Twitter. The site’s developers are continually making improvements to ensure this travel journal connects to the wider world and travel community.

For more information or to download to iOS and Android, visit their site.

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