Anyone currently browsing European holidays for over 40s singles will no doubt be even more tempted to book after they read the latest weather forecasts for the continent’s holiday hotspots, which predict nothing but sun!

Mediterranean sun

According to the Weather Channel, the mid-July temperatures will reach an incredible 44°C in parts of southern Spain in the coming few days, with the clear skies that will accompany the heat creating the ideal conditions for sun-seekers.

For those who are keen on relaxing by the Mediterranean but prefer doing so in more comfortable heat, there is also good news: north-western Spain will feel cool by comparison, whilst the expectation is for temperatures in the 30s in Italy and the mid-to-high 20s for France.

The picture is not uniformly sunny throughout Europe, however, as anyone who lives in the UK will be aware! The Weather Channel article notes that heavy rain is possible in northern and central areas in the coming days, marking a stark contrast with the outlook for the continent’s most popular summer destinations.

Image Credit: Hernan Pinera