Wedding planning website Hitched has gone on a mission to reveal the most popular proposal destinations in the world.

Hitched scoured hashtags like #engaged and #bridetobe to find proposals and document their locations in order to complete this study. To find the exact locations they used visual clues, hashtags and geotags as well as Instagram’s API.

As well as finding the most popular proposal locations, they also did the maths and worked out the odds of a proposal taking place here, so you can see if the odds are in your favour for the proposal you have always dreamed of.


Without further ado, the most popular places to propose are:

10: Bondi Beach, Sydney (1 in 2,000 proposals)

9: Big Bear Lake, California (1 in 1,666 proposals)

8: Walt Disney’s Epcot Park, Florida (1 in 1,428 proposals)

7: Niagara Falls, Ontario (1 in 1,250 proposals)

6 (joint): Central Park, New York (1 in 1,111 proposals)

6 (joint): Brooklyn Bridge, New York (1 in 1,111 proposals)

5:  The Hollywood Sign, California (1 in 1,000 proposals)

4: Eiffel Tower, Paris (1 in 679 proposals)

3: Centennial Lakes Park, Minnesota (1 in 625 proposals)

2: Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Florida (1 in 555 proposals)

1: Disneyland, Paris (1 in 500 proposals)


If you are looking for a picture-perfect proposal at one of the world’s most popular destinations but are still searching for your partner, start on a singles holiday abroad and travel the world whilst meeting likeminded people, and perhaps even the one!