Best travel podcasts to plan your holiday

Travel podcasts bring us entertainment, comedy and a wealth of knowledge that we can take on our travels with us. If you are pondering where you would like to go on your next holiday after the lockdown restrictions have been lifted, then you should consider listening to some (if not all) of the travel podcasts in this list.

Whether you love going on a singles cruise where you can enjoy the onboard facilities and food or prefer going on an adventure holiday to exotic destinations, these podcasts will help prepare you for your trip and embrace your excitement.

Amateur Travel

•Genre: Informative destination guides

•Host: Chris Christensen

•Released: Every Saturday

Listen to Amateur Travel here

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Despite being called Amateur Travel, this podcast is packed with travel reviews and tips that date back to 2005 to become one of the most widely respected podcasts out there. The success has meant host Chris Christensen is now a man in demand and has contributed towards other podcasts called This Week in Travel and Passport Travel Marketing & PR Podcast. Each episode of the Amateur Travel podcast covers a different destination and usually, it includes an interview with other travellers. They discuss why you should head to the destination and what you can do there. So, you can just go through his different episodes and choose the destinations you have always fancied visiting.

Jump with Traveling Jackie

•Genre: Off-the-beaten track travel advice

•Host: Jackie Nourse

•Released: Varies

Listen to Jump with Traveling Jackie here




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This podcast was formerly known as The Budget-Minded Traveler, but it has been revamped and is now called JUMP with Traveling Jackie.

This podcast shares insider tips to destinations across the world and highlights hidden gems that you should look to visit in these places.

There is a regular ‘Ask Jackie’ session where she gives in-depth and fascinating answers to her online community to help them plan their future trips.

Beach Too Sandy, Water Too Wet

•Genre: Comedy

•Hosts: Alex and Christine Schiefer

•Released: Weekly/every few days

Listen to Beach Too Sandy, Water Too Wet here

This hilarious comedy podcast sees the hosts scour the internet for reviews and then feature dramatic readings of one-star reviews that have been written by real people with not-so-real problems. As the name ‘Beach Too Sandy, Water Too Wet’ suggests, some of the reviews that are featured range from the comical to the downright weird.

Armchair Explorer

•Genre: Adventure storytelling

•Host: Aaron Millar

•Released: Fortnightly

Listen to Armchair Explorer here




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Each episode of the Armchair Explorer podcast sees one of the world’s greatest adventurers talk about their best stories  from their travels, which is set to music and cinematic effects. This podcast doesn’t have long-winded interviews as it prides itself on getting its guests to get straight to the point of their story.

Host Aaron Millar is a well-respected and an award-winning travel writer and author who regularly contributes to The Times and the National Geographic Traveller.

The Big Travel Podcast

•Genre: Life stories in travel

•Host: Lisa Francesca Nand

•Released: Fortnightly

Listen to The Big Travel Podcast here

From politicians, Paralympians and famous faces from TV to adventurers and SAS soldiers, The Big Travel Podcast tells stories of life through travel. Hosted by travel journalist, writer and filmmaker Lisa Francesca Nand, the podcast will share stories from childhood and camping holidays to stories about amazing adventures and exotic destinations. After listening to this you will learn more about why travel makes us love, laugh, be inspired and why we love to keep travelling.

Zero To Travel

•Genre: Life-changing trips or long-term travels

•Host: Jason Moore

•Released: 1-2 weeks

Listen to Zero To Travel here


If you are looking to escape the rat race or are constantly dreaming about visiting the country you’ve always wanted to, then the Zero To Travel podcast is for you. You can pick up tips and hacks that will help make your dream a reality. This ranges from ways to pick-up cheaper flights to building a life as a digital nomad. There are episodes that purely cover what it is you need to do and consider for a year-long trip around the world, but there are also other episodes that make suggestions which you can take on board for planning the best single traveller holidays. The podcast is very popular and has been downloaded more than five million times in over 190 countries.

Carry On Podcast

•Genre: Planning future travels

•Hosts: Tracey Davies, Rose Dykins, Michelle McCarthy

•Released: Weekly

Listen to Carry On Podcast here




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The Carry On Podcast is renowned for its light-hearted conversation about places the hosts have visited, travel tips they recommend and sharing inspiration for future travels.

The three pals from Brighton have decades of travel experience under their belts and are full of interesting travel chat that will get you thinking about where you would like to visit next.

Recent episodes have covered St Patrick’s Day and their dream post-lockdown trips and movies that have made them feel like travelling.

Inappropriate Traveler

•Genre: Comedy

•Host: Spud Hilton

•Released: Monthly

Listen to Inappropriate Traveler here

If you’re after some light-hearted content during the lockdown, The Inappropriate Traveler is the podcast for you.

The host is a former travel editor at the San Francisco Chronicle and in the podcast, there are discussions about the side of travel that are often not heard about such as the terrible hangovers, disastrous travel scenarios people have found themselves in and the wild celebrations that have occurred while on holiday.

Each episode welcomes a different guest and, in the past, the guests have ranged from drag performer Afrika America and blogger Matt Kepnes.

If you are planning for your first holiday after the lockdown restrictions have been removed, then listen to one of these podcasts for tips about getting cheaper breaks and the best destinations for single traveller holidays.