I’m writing this as the wind howls around the chimney and the rain lashes against the window.  It’s quite a contrast to where I’ve just been: St Lucia, where the sun shone all day and a tropical breeze was very welcome!

OK, as I say in the brochure: it’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it, and it was my turn to check out the BodyHoliday at LeSPORT for a few days of winter sun.  Of course I had several business meetings on the island while I was there, but I did make sure that I enjoyed a few days relaxation at what is one of our favourite holidays for single travellers.

January is peak season in the Caribbean, and St Lucia is clearly as popular as ever, with a busy airport and lots of tourists heading off to their various hotels.   As soon as I had been reunited with my case I headed to the north of the island.


I am always impressed by The Bodyholiday at LeSPORT, whenever I visit it. Of course, the fabulous setting helps – what’s not to like about turquoise sea and powder-fine sand  backed by swaying palms?!  Add $20 million pounds worth of investment in recent years, to ensure its 5-star facilities remain at the top of the luxury league to the hotel’s wonderful service and you’ve got a winning formula.

Despite being pretty full – with mainly British, Canadian and American guests – the staff were unfailingly helpful, smiling and always had time for every individual.  This time I actually tried some of the classes and spa treatments: a first for me.  I tried to loosen up in a session of Yoga for Men, and really enjoyed the daily massage that is included in our all-inclusive holiday package.  The water-sports instruction was also really good.

And as for food? First class, and enjoyed at one of the hosted tables for single travellers which is a hallmark of singles holidays at LeSPORT.  During my stay there were two tables, and on some nights three tables of single guests all comparing notes on their day, swapping life stories and generally having a great time.

There wasn’t really any time during my stay to explore the island, but when you do visit, make sure you allow a day or two for the hotel’s excursions.  St Lucia is one of the most beautiful Caribbean islands – and that’s saying something – and one of the most welcoming.  A great island for singles holidays in the Caribbean.