The Mirror recommends a holiday in GreeceDespite all the depressing financial news that is characterising the news lately, Greece is actually proving to still be a fantastic holiday destination according to a reporter from the Mirror.

Sue Jolly recently returned from a holiday spent Greek island hopping and was so blown away with the experience that she wrote an article about it. The most startling thing that she found was that life on the Greek islands was continuing as normal, contrasting with panicky news reports.

When she describes the actual things she did whilst on holiday it immediately becomes clear that she had an amazing holiday; from the fantastic food she describes to the beautiful scenery and ancient sights she saw, the whole holiday was reportedly the epitome of relaxation.

The Mirror reporter also commented on how now is the best time to enjoy solo holidays in Greece as the pound is particularly strong against the Euro, and many shops have decreased their prices by up to 20% to help out Greek locals.

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