The oldest bottle of Bordeaux wine in the world may have been discovered by mistake.


Discovered at the Chateau Coutet in France by a worker in the Barsac vineyard, specialists now believe that the bottle dates back to the 1750s.

The worker came across the bottle in an old pile of dirt when moving a broken wine rack, and after examination, the emery sealed bottle was uncovered, now thought to be the oldest Bordeaux ever found.

The bottle discovered has a heart shaped glass at the top, and given the fact that wine in the 1700s was almost always kept in barrels except for special occasions, this has led the winery’s current owner to believe that the wine was intended for a big family wedding or similar event.

It apparently took a leading glass expert four years to check the bottle’s chemical make-up, with experts eventually settling on the 1700s for when the wine was bottled.

This truly is a wine lover’s dream, and a Bordeaux holiday for singles over 40 could be your chance to learn all about what goes into making this famous variant, via wine tastings, trips to producers, and tours of famous chateaus.

A new museum called the Cite du Vin (city of wine) was even opened in Bordeaux last year, and would be a perfect addition to your time away.