Time flies when you’re having fun Everyone knows the age old saying “time flies when you’re having fun!” Thanks to scientific research, this statement has been confirmed to be true, declaring a link between the perception of time and the amount of memories we form on our holidays.

It’s a concept developed by Psychology lecturer Claudia Hammond. She told the British Psychological Society in London that people experiencing everyday life can recall between six and nine memories every fortnight, believed to be partly down to the monotony of our working life. However, when we are on holiday, the excitement of visiting a new location and experiencing a new culture helps us to bank between six and nine memories every single day. It could be down to the amount of excursions and experiences you fit into your holiday, nestling into your memory as a poignant reminder of your sojourn.

So, while having an action packed trip might see your holiday fly by, the experiences you gain will certainly live long in your memory. Why not take yourself off on an unforgettable summer or winter holiday as part of one of the fantastic singles holidays available?

Image credit: tomhe