Nowadays, technology has made travelling easier for everyone. For those looking forward to an amazing solo holiday abroad, we have some suggestions for must-have apps that will help your smartphone become a great travel companion.


From languages to maps and GPS enhancement, travelling has never been better. And with these apps, you will find yourself truly enjoying your exploration of the local sights, tastes and cultures.

Here are some of our favourite apps to enjoy on your solo holiday:

XE Currency

Depending on your destination, there may be some complex currency adjustments for you to make. Although this popular business application offers your currency history, stock indices and even precious metal tables, XE also makes mobile currency exchanges fast and mobile. Every currency value is maintained in real time. To make it even more convenient, it also continues to work offline so you will always have good information to work with when dealing with local currency questions.

This app is free on iOS and Android.

foreign currency


Chances are you are going to need to know a few phrases in the local language. With more than 70 million users, Duolingo offers a great way to learn the basics of many languages. It helps travellers understand basic grammar and vocabulary. It is perfect in the weeks and days leading up to your holiday, or great on the plane ride to warmer climes. The app is presented as a type of game so there is enjoyment as your foreign language skills increase.

This app is free on iOS and Android.

Around Me

This helpful app has been around for a number years and helps you find some of the most important things whilst on holiday. Cash points, petrol stations, English-style restaurants, it uses your GPS position to find the closest options. It will help you find banks, bars, hospital, cinemas and more.

This app is free on iOS and Android.


This helpful app helps bring together everything you need to travel. Like a PA, Tripit gathers confirmations for flights, hotels, and rental cars. It holds events bookings and will even generate a complete itinerary for you to follow if necessary. The app by works by taking all those emails you receive and translating them into a working travel plan.

This app is free on iOS and Android.

world map pinboard


Finding a Wifi hotspot on holiday makes everything seem brighter. An opportunity to share some great pictures, check email and more, knowing where to find connections is important. This free Wifi finder allows you to search the world’s largest database of Wifi connections in the world. It contains over 500 million locations – with more than 2 million free hotspots listed. It will even tell you about the strength of the signal if possible.

This app is free on iOS and Android.


Google maps is great, but this major city-based app offers a deeper understanding and detail about the area you are visiting. With new cities being added all the time, the app currently includes the popular Friendship destinations of Rome and Barcelona. Citymapper offers real-time travel time updates, disruption alerts, bicycle routes, and Uber integration as well.

This app is free on iOS and Android.

App in the Air

If flying – and curious about those flying around you – this app will keep you up to date on your flight status, and the status of other airlines and airports. It will also help you manage your travel plans by providing timing alerts for flight check-in, when boarding is beginning, and take-off and landing times. For those using the Tripit app mentioned earlier, these two apps will work together.

This app is free on iOS and Android.

commercial airliner

Google Translate

It is true that Google offers users all over the world great digital experiences. The translation app is perfect for learning necessary foreign language statements whilst away on holiday. It also has a visual recognition function that allows to hold your device’s camera to a sign, menu or other images to translate the text. That alone makes it a must have.

It is free on iOS and Android.


For those looking for lasting and interactive memories of your much-deserved holiday, LiveTrekker allows you to tell your story to the world. It allows you to create a digital journal of your travels. It follows you as you visit cities, museums, beaches, or national parks. A digital map is created along with speed and altitude. You can add pictures, video, audio and text as you travel allowing you to build an amazing narrative.

This app is free on iOS and Android.

Wolfram Sun Exposure

If your primary goal on holiday is enjoying the sun, this app is perfect to help you manage your sun exposure. It gives you detailed information after you enter your skin type. Using a variety factors such as location, time of day and the strength of your sun protection, the app will give you up to the minute skin exposure updates.

This app is £0.79 and available on iOS.

sunbathers at the beach