Taking a holiday should be about having fun, trying new things, and finding some well-deserved rest and relaxation. For those looking forward to an amazing holiday by themselves, there are some unique challenges that make their enjoyment a bit trickier to achieve.

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With Friendship, there are fantastic cities, great resorts and access to some of the most enjoyable holiday excursions available. If you are planning a solo holiday and have concerns about meeting people, staying alone in a hotel, or keeping yourself safe, we have pulled together some great tips to help you make the most of your holiday.

Play to your strengths

Are you an extrovert who loves meeting new people? Are you shy and welcome the opportunity to quietly lay by the pool and read? Pick a holiday destination that suits your personality. Think about languages, weather, cultural activities and more.

If you are interested in arts and culture, solo trips to Barcelona or Rome will suit you fine. If you love nightlife, food and good times, maybe a cruising adventure or a visit to one of the many sun-soaked Spanish destinations is your ticket. There are many choices. But to make sure the fact you are travelling alone doesn’t become magnified, choose a destination that complements your personality.

Popular travel blogger Anna Lysakowska from Anna Everywhere has offered quite a bit of great advice to those ready to take a solo holiday. She said in preparing to travel by yourself that doing your research prior to travelling is key. Having a plan before travelling will help avoid the awkward feeling of being alone and not being sure what to do.

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Understand your trip before you leave

There can be a number of questions to answer prior to jetting off on holiday. What is the mix of people travelling? Try to determine whether there are couples going as well, or is it all single travellers. Are there group tours? They can be a great way to meet people whilst on holiday.

Also talk to your travel organiser about the ages of most travellers. Are you likely to fit into the group, or is there a chance you will feel out of place? These are all important questions to answer before booking or travelling.

For more information on holiday with Friendship, please visit the FAQs page to get even more details.

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Find a way to tell your holiday story

With dozens of different tools to help you, it is very easy to tell a story about your holiday. And in many instances, you can tell friends and family all about your adventures in real time. Taking pictures and sharing them on Instagram is an excellent way. You can also start your own online blog to tell people all about your trip.

By having a goal to tell a story, it can give your day some direction and structure. And hopefully you will have more opportunities to see things you might have missed otherwise. It is very likely that everyone back home will love seeing you having a great time on holiday.

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There are no reasons why travelling alone is less safe than travelling with others. But for peace of mind, there are some tips that may make you feel a bit better and feel a bit safer. When travelling abroad alone, avoid arriving at the airports or stations during late night hours. Don’t travel in unlicensed taxis or non-verified Uber drivers.

“Travel only with people like you,” Anna says. “If you can’t find any around, travel alone and meet them on the road.”

Communicate with friends and family when travelling. Regular check-ins can ensure people are looking out for you whilst on holiday. When at your hotel or resort, talk to the concierge or staff about local areas to avoid and determine what places are considered unsafe.

Solo holidays should be about enjoying new experiences, meeting new people, and seeing new things. But, one should always trust their instincts to avoid unsafe situations.

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Surviving mealtimes

One thing that many people fear when going on a solo holiday is the meal times. Whether the uneasiness of an early morning breakfast, or being in a nice restaurant alone, it is often where most people usually balk at the idea of travelling alone. For many holidays, food is included so make sure you are not avoiding the experience by running off to a fast food outlet or ordering room service instead.

Most meals will usually be in communal settings. On many cruises, there will be assigned seating. For social types, the concept of eating with a new group of strangers is not off-putting. But for others, if you want to be alone during meals, there are other ways to enjoy your meal and still enjoy your trip. You can always use the time to write your diary, read a local paper, or catch up on your emails. There is no reason to be intimidated. It’s your holiday and you should enjoy yourself.

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