A beach in TurkeyA number of European holiday destinations are looking a lot more favourable this year, after the price of sterling made a dramatic rise, meaning your money abroad can now stretch a lot further.

Among the hottest destinations is Turkey, with UK tourists now able to purchase 14% more Turkish Lira than last year; as found by the cost index from Post Office Travel Money. It makes for great news, meaning a summer holiday abroad is now a lot more affordable than it was just 12 months ago.

It was also found that Turkey was the second cheapest overall destination for Britons, with a range of 10 usual holiday expenses, including sun-tan lotion and a three course meal, costing just £54.22, a drop of more than 22% compared to 2011.

With the price of sterling expected to rise even further, these brilliant deals could become even more fruitful. Why not take advantage and visit Turkeyas part of the range of singles holidays on offer?

Image credit: rosshawkes ( Flickr)