The Post Office’s new ‘beach barometer’ report has named Turkey as Europe’s best value destination for would-be holidaymakers this summer, with the study also revealing that a surprisingly high number of popular resorts cost less to visit in 2017 than they did last year.

Sun loungers on Turkish beach

As the iNews website reports, the Turkish lira is currently weaker than the pound, meaning that people who choose to take a holiday there soon can expect to effectively gain around £96 when exchanging £500.

Several other Balkan and Eastern Mediterranean destinations fared well in the Post Office’s report, with resorts in countries including Greece, Cyprus and Croatia also representing excellent value for money.

Of course, there is much more to the ideal getaway than just finding somewhere that is cheap to visit. Many seasoned travellers – and those who are seeking single holidays overseas in particular – also tend to be concerned with other important factors such as high quality food and drink, the cultural highlights that may be available at the destination, and whether it offers sufficient peace and quiet.

Image Credit: FastPhive