Turkey offers great value for a summer holiday Turkey has been highlighted as one of the most affordable destinations for UK holiday makers as the pound is performing well in Europe, so it makes good sense for those after solo holidays to choose a country like Turkey as their next holiday destination.

This is particularly evident in places which feature coastal beach holidays, and you’ll find you can make some significant savings over some of the more expensive beach resorts like France or Italy currently.

The good news is we have plenty of bargains for people looking for a sunshine holiday or to escape the current English summer weather. Other holiday locations which have also been highlighted as offering value for money and some great summer deals are Greece, Spain, Croatia and Portugal.

Added to this, your holiday money is able to be stretched much further for eating out this year compared to the prices of 2011. In Turkey, for instance, a glass of wine is down from £3.13 to £2.47 and a three-course meal was £4.08 but is now just £3.09 this year, thus making Turkey a very affordable holiday option.

Image credit: Kenwod33