TurkeyAs news breaks that travellers will no longer have to apply for an electronic visa before travelling to Turkey, the country has also reported a positive outlook for the future of its tourism industry.

In the BMI Turkey Tourism report, aspects including inbound and outbound travel and travel-related expenditure were taken into account and found to show cause for optimism for the future of Turkey’s tourism popularity.

With inbound arrivals expected to increase to 37.7 million by 2017, according to BMI, the country is preparing for a record number of visitors on group and singles holidays in 2014. This is to be helped by the visa system being made easier, with travellers able to purchase both e-visas and airport-bought visas until the 31st December this year, when the visa-on-arrival system will be fully implemented.

These additional methods of making travel to Turkey, and its popular destinations of Bodrum, Fethiya and Marmaris, easier for visitors is predicted to impact positively on the number of people choosing to come to the beautiful country on holiday.

Image Credit: Ihourahane (flickr.com)