Those heading on solo holidays to Turkey will soon be able to learn about the countries rich history, thanks to new 3D systems being installed in a number of the country’s museums.

The minister of Culture and Tourism recently made the announcement on the official website on how they plan to improve the popular museums for tourists to the country.

One of the museums getting the upgrade is the Zeugma Museumin Gaziantep, home of the famous Gypsy Girl mosaic which is featured heavily in promotion of the country.

Visitors will soon be able to see displays and exhibitions in 3D, with ministers currently organising which businesses they will use to provide and install the technology.

The other museums which will benefit from the technology are Hacıbektaş Külliye and Archaeology Museumand the Galata Mevlevihane in İstanbul.

So if you are heading to Olu Deniz or Bodrum on a singles holidays, why not consider heading to the upgraded museums on your trip to see the country in a new way.

Image courtesy of Flickr user west m