Turkey’s first long-distance trekking route is set to expand and connect with European pilgrimage footpaths.

lycian way

Lycian Way, Turkey’s very first long-distance trekking trail, is 540km long and was mapped out in 1999. Since that time, a dozen or more trails have been traversed, taking trekkers through stunning landscapes and ancient historical locations.

Now, as a part of the ‘Europe to Turkey on Foot’ project, an effort is being made to link some of these routes with the Via Francigena – a European pilgrimage path from Canterbury, England to Rome in Italy.

“We’re trying to make more connections with Europe and develop Turkey’s walking routes to match the ones there,” says Kate Clow, the head of the Culture Routes Society, which is a non-profit organisation that works to protect and expand Turkey’s long-distance trails.

Over the past year, new guidebooks have been produced, waymarks added, and trails connected all across the country. The Lycian Way has also been extended, making it easier for hikers to access popular resorts.

Turkish holidays for singles are bound to benefit from these recent developments, as will those planning their next adventure in this ancient country.