Hills in Cambodia

Spending time in nature will not only provide you with wonderful memories and experiences, but a recent article published on Lonely Planet also reveals that just two hours a week in nature can improve your health. For travellers, this will come as welcome news as it’s another excuse to get outside and explore the natural world or have some time in the sun for a last minute holiday for singles.

Based on the findings of a study published in Scientific Reports, the article continues that being in nature can have a positive effect on your mental and physical well-being. The study involved a series of interviews with 20,000 people across England and found that those who spent 120 minutes outdoors in the previous week had higher levels of health and well-being.

People who spent next to no time in nature were showing signs of life dissatisfaction, which comes as no surprise as they are missing out on all the natural beauty of the outdoors. The results also indicated that it did not matter whether the two hours in nature were spent all at once or divided into smaller amounts of time for each day. Also, variables such as age, gender, illnesses and disabilities did not change the consistency of the results.

So, if you’re going to spend two hours in nature you might as well spend it somewhere beautiful. This could be in the UK countryside, with woodland walks and cycle trails in places such as the New Forest, Hampshire. Or perhaps somewhere a bit more exotic, such as the outside temples in Cambodia, found on treks through the lush rainforests.

For those wanting to holiday in Europe this summer, get your healthy fix of nature by exploring some of the wonderful beaches and coastal walks, including the white sandy beaches in Portugal and hidden coves in Zante, along with the many coastal walks.

If you want to get your healthy dose of nature by enjoying a holiday, then browse our destinations that have an abundance of natural beauty.