UNESCO have added two more Croatian sites to the World Heritage list.


Starting from July, Croatia will have bumped up its number of UNESCO World Heritage sites from eight to ten.

The defensive walls of Zadar and the Fort of St. Nicholas in Sibenik are set to join the other eight in the country that were recently added to the list.

Considering the size of Croatia, it really is quite remarkable that they are able to boast ten of these sites, and really speaks to the historic importance of the country and how well preserved these locations are.

Zadar’s walls were built in the 16th century shielding the city from both land and sea, and St. Nicholas Fortress was built in the same century, situated at the entrance of Sibenik port.

The UNESCO status of the two sites will be confirmed at the Heritage Committee meeting in Poland, and both Zadar and Sibenik can expect a surge in traveller interest as a result.

Croatia really is an ideal location for singles abroad on holiday, and with all of the wonderful things to see and do, it is no surprise visitors continue to go back time after time.

Other World Heritage sites in Croatia include Plitvice Lakes National Park in Plitvička Jezera, and the historical complex of Split with the Palace of Diocletian. The palace was built by the Roman emperor of the same name in 4 AD.


Image Credit:  tomislav medak