A lot has changed over the years in Vietnam, but while still retaining its rich cultural roots, the country is flourishing as reports say the economy is due to sky rocket over the coming years.

Vietnam is booming

Vietnam has a well-documented history but what is just as well documented is how popular it is for singles abroad on holiday. Over the years it has become a true destination hotspot with its stunning natural beauty and fascinating heritage.

The popularity of the nation for holiday-makers isn’t about to change any time soon, as reports suggest that Vietnam’s economy will grow by a whopping 5.1% a year until 2050.

Vietnam is currently the world’s 32nd largest economy but with these GDP rises it will climb to the 20th largest by 2050, becoming one of Earth’s most rapidly progressing countries in the process.

No additional reasons were needed to visit Vietnam, but with news like this, holidays to the area will only continue to flourish, attracting more to this beautiful little corner of the world. It certainly deserves the attention.