A beach in Spain


Despite having only just ended, many Brits are already missing the gorgeous weather that we experienced over the course of the summer. Whilst winter sun breaks are nothing new, it seems more and more people are looking for last-minute breaks before the end of the year in order to top up their tan and catch the last of the heat.

As the temperature begins to drop outside, it can be tempting to book a getaway to enjoy the hotter weather and although this may have typically been associated with a long-haul flight to a tropical climate, it seems that tourists are opting to stay closer to home instead.

Booking data from the online travel agent, On the Beach, has found that Spain is the most popular winter holiday destination. With both the mainland and several of its islands making the top three spots on the list, it should come as no surprise that it has taken the top spot, as British families also love planning a cheap singles holiday to Spain throughout the summer too. In addition to its winter sun research, On the Beach also discovered that the country was voted the Best European Beach Holiday Destination 2018 by people living in the UK, with 19% of people saying it has the best coastline.

“Spain has been a hotspot for many years and our survey shows that overall, it remains the most popular destination for sun-seeking Brits. The high cost of hotels, train travel and domestic flights make a holiday in the UK expensive, which is why so many of us prefer to head to Europe’s beaches for our week in the sun”, said Alan Harding, Marketing Director at On the Beach.

“With many predicting a bleak winter here in the UK, millions of Brits are set to jet off to warmer climes and with temperatures of around 20 degrees Celsius, low rainfall and longer hours of sunshine – as well as short flight times from the UK – Spain is the overall winner this winter sun season.”

Top 10 most popular winter sun destinations:

  • Canary Islands
  • Mainland Spain
  • Balearic Islands
  • Turkey
  • Algarve (Portugal)
  • Greece
  • Malta
  • Morocco
  • Egypt
  • Cyprus