Visitors to Greece from Germany and Britain on the riseA vast number of international tourists are expected to make their way to Greece for their summer holidays this year, according to leading tourism officials in the country.

Bookings by sunseekers from both Germany and Britain are up by double digit percentages, whilst airlines say they are adding more than a million new seats to and from the country to cope with what is expected to be an incredible demand.

Last year saw Greece welcome some 16 million visitors, who spent a combined €10 billion, accounting for approximately one sixth of gross domestic product and nearly 20% of jobs in the economically troubled country, further highlighting how important international tourism is to Greece and its people.

Boasting picturesque islands and turquoise ocean waters, Greece is a sensational destination for any of those on their singles holidays over the coming months.

Image Credit: Ronald Saunders (Wikimedia Commons)