Vodafone release Explore Greece appVodafone have teamed up with the Greek National Tourism Organisation to produce the Vodafone Explore Greece smartphone app, geared to promote Greece as a travel destination to millions of users worldwide.

The free Android app, available in both Greek and English, offers a variety of useful information for those planning to visit Greece, and is also ideal for those already in Greece wanting instant destination-specific information. Undoubtedly an invaluable tool for those on solo holidays or for that matter anyone in Greece looking for information on what to see and do close to where they are using the app’s GPS capability.

The public-private partnership is aimed to promote Greek tourism and provide a means by which people from all over the world can remotely view and learn about one of the world’s most stunning destinations.

Vodafone Explore Greece is now available for mobile smartphones running Android and will soon be made available for the iPhone in the coming days.

Image Credit: Pat2001 (flickr.com)