Choosing who you travel with when planning your holiday abroad can be just as hard as choosing where to go.

A recent study by British Airways Express Card has revealed that travelling with a companion can either make or break your holiday experience, with 82 per cent of Brits stating who they travel with is just as important to them as the destination itself.

As all holidaymakers know, it’s hard to please everyone when on holiday, especially when travelling with a large group of people or your own family. Over a third of the participants who completed the survey said that they find it hard to find a destination that caters for every person’s holiday desires.

On a singles holiday you only need to think about what you want to do, and you can get to know new travel companions along the way if you like. Bookings for singles holidays abroad have increased significantly since the start of 2016, with many wanting to take a break abroad due to the feeling of the ‘January blues’.

So if you are planning to book a holiday with your nearest and dearest, or are wanting to seek a new friendship on holiday, choose wisely!

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