Website uncovers best and worst seats on flights Whichever airport you visit, whatever time of the day, the battle for seats will always be found: people edging ever closer to the door before they are let loose in a frenzied rush to find their perfect place for the flight. In a new study, a company has discovered the highs and lows of the plane seating arrangement.

After interviewing 1,000 people on their seat preferences, flight comparison website Skyscanner found the throne of any plane to be seat 6A, whilst 46 % of people stated they preferred the front six rows of the plane. Just 1% said they would prefer a middle seat over an aisle or window, so it was not surprising to find the worst seat on a flight was 31E, towards the middle of the plane.

For most people the right seat is important as it means you can start your holiday in good spirits. If you want to get the best seat to jet off on your singles holidays, why not get to the airport in good time to beat the last minute rush?

Image credit: petyr.rahl (Flickr)