A quick update on life at Friendship Towers… it’s been very busy since Christmas, but great to talk to so many of you about your holiday plans, whether that’s been a last-minute getaway on a singles ski holiday, or booking a fortnight in the sun.

It’s a few years since we decided to arrange an event around Valentine’s Day, and to start with we were not sure whether single people would want to mark the day with a party, or would prefer to hide under the duvet until it was all over.

However, it appears that Friendship Travel guests just want to have fun, regardless of the time of year, and we’ve just held a very successful Valentine’s Ball break in Hertfordshire to prove it!

About 60 guests virtually took over the Harpenden House Hotel and enjoyed a Black Tie Ball ‘with a Touch of Red’ on Saturday, Hosted by Sandra. Though I couldn’t join the gang this time, I gather that the meal was very good (again) and that the party afterwards was excellent. Sadly, Sandra was too busy to take any photos, but maybe some of the guests might like to share on Facebook or Flikr?

Anyway, the point I’m trying to make is that everyone had a great time meeting new people, chatting, eating, dancing and generally having fun. No-one fretted about not having a boyfriend or girlfriend, and (as far as I know) no-one was looking for … err.. how can I put this? Anything ‘more’!!

If there is one thing that makes me mad, it’s the assumption made by couples that single people are desparately looking for someone else to make them happy. The truth is we can make ourselves happy, thank you very much! So Happy Valentine’s Day to all us singletons. Buy yourself some flowers and chocolates and have a lovely cosy evening in tonight!