St Lucia is one of the most beautiful locations on Earth and popular with all kinds of travellers. With epic scenery, amazing beaches, and gorgeous weather, visiting St Lucia is an easy choice to make. Going on a solo holiday to St Lucia is definitely an attractive proposition; escaping to a tropical paradise in the Caribbean, relaxing under the sun, and forgetting the concerns of the outside world – is there a better way to unwind? If you fancy booking yourself a singles holiday to St Lucia, we have put together this guide to what you need to know before visiting, inspiring your trip and getting you excited about what to expect.

The beaches are public

Beach on Saint Lucia

One of the best things about visiting St Lucia is the access to a wide range of gorgeous beaches to relax on. The good news is that all of the beaches on St Lucia are public, so you don’t have to worry about finding ones that you are able to visit. During your exploration of the island, you can stumble upon a picture-perfect Caribbean beach, spread out a towel, and go for a dip in St Lucia’s tranquil turquoise waters.

Shobha, from the travel blog, Just Go Places, has been to St Lucia before and spoke to us about what she believes makes them special: “We loved that there were so many different types of beaches in St Lucia as well as a variety of beach activities. You can make an entire day out of going to the beach and know that everyone in your group can find something to enjoy. For example, the beach at Rodney Bay is great for families because the water is so shallow for such a long stretch, and the water obstacle course is fun for kids. You can take a short hike to Fort Rodney if you are restless at Pigeon Island beach. You also have an option of white sand or black sand on the beaches in the south of the island. The snorkelling and water sports are fantastic as well.”

There is a rainforest

Rainforest in St Lucia

While beaches and ocean views are what quickly comes to mind for many when it comes to St Lucia, you might be surprised to learn that the island is home to a rainforest. Part of St Lucia’s lush, tropical landscape includes a 19,000-acre national rainforest, which is teeming with life from rich vegetation to rare local species such as the Jacquot parrot. The area is a delight to explore, with brilliant hikes and walks among the ferns and giant trees, as well as activities such as gondolas, treetop zip lines, and bird watching tours.

Heather, from the travel blog, Heather on Her Travels, has been to St Lucia’s rainforest and enjoyed some of the activities available: “While adrenaline junkies will be happy to fly across the forest on a zip wire, I enjoyed my more relaxing view of the forest from the aerial tram, an open-sided metal gondola which gave us good views on all sides of the forest. We were accompanied by a guide who explained about the different plants and trees in the forest, pointing out the tiny hummingbirds and other birds as they flitted through the treetops nearby.”

There is a drive-in volcano with sulphur springs

Sulphur Springs Saint Lucia

Image credit: Girl About the Globe

Before you head to St Lucia, it’s certainly worth knowing that there is a volcano on the island that is well worth a visit during your holiday. The Soufrière Volcanic Center is home to two mountainous lava domes called the Pitons that dominate the landscape, and the world’s only drive-in volcano, allowing you to drive into the crater and experience one of St Lucia’s greatest attractions, the Sulphur Springs. There are also mud baths available at the location, sought for their medicinal properties.

Lisa, the founder of the solo female travel blog Girl About the Globe, has been to St Lucia herself and visited the Sulphur Springs, sharing with us: “What I loved about St Lucia is just how lush it is. It’s an island that oozes wellness, especially the Sulphur Springs. What I liked the most about the springs is being able to cover yourself in natural mud knowing that you can wash it off in a picturesque location afterwards. It made my skin so soft too. There aren’t that many destinations that I have been to in all my travels where you can do this. That’s what makes it a special place for me.”

It has incredible weather

St Lucia

You can certainly look forward to beautiful temperatures and gorgeous sunshine during your time in St Lucia. With its tropical climate, the dry season is from December to May, with the wet season starting in June and ending in late November. The average daytime temperature on St Lucia is around 30°C and the weather doesn’t fluctuate particularly between summer and winter. All of which means you can rely on St Lucia’s weather during your trip and know that you will have lovely temperatures to explore the island.

Sophie, from the travel blog, Sophie’s Suitcase, has been to St Lucia in May and thought it was a great time to visit: “We visited in May and I thought that was the best time to visit, the weather was brilliant, with a few showers each day but nothing major. And the sunshine was always out with a temperature of around 28-30 degrees each day!”

The hiking trails are amazing

Pigeon Island on Saint Lucia

If you are up for a bit of activity and exercise during your St Lucia holiday, you will be pleased to know that there is an abundance of wonderful hiking trails available. The different paths and trails dotted around the island provide incredible scenery, allowing you to explore St Lucia’s beautiful environments and reward yourself with the most picturesque views after your trek.

There are plenty of locations to choose from, including in the rainforest, but a great place to start is definitely Pigeon Island, a 44-acre islet beloved for its scenic views. Jennifer, from the travel blog Jenn Explores, has been to Pigeon Island herself and shared with us what she enjoyed about doing so:

“Pigeon Island is a national landmark and one of St Lucia’s most important monuments. It’s a living museum within a beautiful natural setting that feels peaceful and serene. And, it has one of the most scenic views over all of St Lucia! There is a trail on Pigeon Island that you can hike that takes you up to a stunning viewpoint where you can see the lush green land and sparkling turquoise waters around St Lucia stretch out as far as the eye can see.”

Singing Saint Lucia’s praises in general, Jenn told us: “St Lucia is colourful, friendly, and incredibly rich in history and culture. It also has amazing beaches! It’s a must-see destination for any island-loving traveller.”

St Lucia is perfect for a solo holiday

Woman on St Lucia holiday

St Lucia is indeed a romantic destination, as Ady of Verbal Gold Blog testified to when speaking to us about her time on St Lucia: “So where should I begin…wow. St. Lucia is a spectacular island. I’d rank it in the top three trips of all time. It’s the number one honeymoon destination and I can totally see why. My husband and I were totally immersed in the vibes of St. Lucia and didn’t want to leave.”

However, while St Lucia is very popular for couples on their honeymoon, the island is also a perfect destination for solo travellers. For example, those looking for holidays for singles, can enjoy a stay at the wonderful BodyHoliday Saint Lucia, a beautiful wellness resort dedicated to helping each guest feel relaxed and rejuvenated with treatments, therapy, and activities. You can also split your time between being pampered in the resort to exploring the island. You can even get a helicopter from the airport to the resort itself!

September Solos BodyHoliday

September is the perfect time to visit St Lucia on a solo holiday, being a popular month for singles booking into the BodyHoliday hotel. If you are liking the sound of St Lucia, check out the September Solos BodyHoliday experience for a wonderful island escape.

Offering some tips for travellers while in St Lucia, Ady shared with us: “I’d recommend stopping on the side of the street for some homemade creole bread on your way to Dennery. It’s legendary!” She also recommends: “Make sure to eat at Duke’s Place! Granted the wait was about 30-45 minutes, it’s definitely worth it. Seriously the best-grilled fish I’ve ever had! It’s an experience.”

Why you should go on a solo holiday to St Lucia

  • The beaches are public
  • There is a rainforest
  • There is a drive-in volcano with sulphur springs
  • It has incredible weather
  • The hiking trails are amazing

As you can see, St Lucia is an amazing location with plenty to look forward to enjoying. Hopefully, this guide has given you a little insight into what to expect and things to be aware of while you plan your holiday.

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