Aerial View Of Olhao in Portugal

Olhão in Portugal is a lovely fishing port with a lot to offer. Found in Portugal’s famous Algarve region, Olhão is a truly peaceful spot to spend a holiday, located on the coast with access to beautiful weather, top food, and great beaches. We think Olhão is an easy choice to make for any getaway and with our affordable cheap singles holidays, you can relax and explore this charming location at your own pace. To set the scene, in this article, we take a look at just some of what visitors can expect to find when they arrive.

Beautiful scenery

When relaxing in the sun on our holidays, most of us would like something pretty to look at. Well, this is certainly the case in Olhão, with the charming fishing port providing lovely scenic views thanks to its location on the Portuguese coast. The waterfront vistas will provide endless fascination, with 60kms of tidal lagoons, islands, and sandy beaches, but the beautiful scenery doesn’t stop there with the quaint yet energetic coastal town being a delight in its own right. You can look forward to wondering its cobbled streets and gazing at the brilliant Moorish architecture, further still, the square whitewashed houses are a true treat on the eyes.

The town of Olhão in Portugal

Friendly locals

A great benefit of being just outside of the large resorts west of Faro is the calmer more serene atmosphere that permeates Olhão and the friendly locals you can look forward to meeting. You can get a real taste of local life in Olhão, with this traditional Portuguese town remaining mostly off the radar for a lot of tourists. At its famous market, you can browse the stalls, practise the language, and share stories with the locals at the town’s cafes over a refreshing beverage.

Traditional local cuisine

Olhão is the largest fishing port in the region so you can be assured of some delicious local cuisine during your stay, with beautiful fresh seafood being one of the major highlights. They do food right in Olhão, from perfectly grilled sardines and barbequed catches of the day to shellfish steamed in traditional copper pots and a range of customary Mediterranean cuisine to suit all tastes, diets, and requirements. The various restaurants and eateries that populate Olhão will also be more than happy to recommend a local favourite dish if you enjoy a tasty surprise.

Amazing links to the Algarve

Faro in the Algarve, Portugal

While Olhão itself has so much to offer, one of its most winning attributes is how easy it is to explore the larger Algarve area during your stay. With a peaceful home base like Olhão, you can explore the Ria Formosa Natural Park, hop on a ferry to beautiful islands just off-shore, go sightseeing by bus, rail or bike, and you are only a short twenty-minute drive to the capital of the Algarve, Faro. Faro has much to tantalise visitors with its art galleries, Roman wall, beaches, 13th-century cathedral, and the Municipal Museum showcasing prehistoric, medieval and religious treasures.

What to expect when you visit Olhão, Portugal

  • Beautiful scenery
  • Friendly locals
  • Traditional local cuisine
  • Amazing links to the Algarve

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