Beach in Turkey

If you’re looking to go on holiday to a beautiful location without breaking the bank, then new data suggests the two destinations you should consider; Turkey and Tunisia. As well as the stunning beaches and clear blue seas, these two places have emerged as the top growth destinations by cost-conscious British tourists.

The data, as reported in Travel Weekly, is based on price comparison searches across holidays departing between May and September. The travel commentator for Travel Supermarket Emma Coulthurst commented to Travel Weekly: “There has been an upward trend for all-inclusive holidays since the referendum as holidaymakers are keen to avoid potential sterling-euro volatility and ‘lock-in’ food and drink costs.

“Prices this summer are like no other, with price drops of as much as 38% down compared with if you’d been looking for a holiday for last summer. Brexit has raised concerns and seen people delay booking. As a result, demand has dropped, and prices have followed.”

The data also revealed that Spain remains a favourite holiday destination, specifically Tenerife and Majorca. According to the data, Turkey has risen from seventh to fourth place as a popular destination, and Tunisia appears in 23rd place compared to 75th last summer.

Coulthurst continues to tell Travel Weekly: “This renewed interest in holidaying in Turkey and Tunisia demonstrates Brits’ desire to ensure their money goes further; Tunisia and Turkey are seeing some of the fastest UK tourism growth this summer.”

But, why are these locations so good for your money? Brits get a lot of lira and dina for their sterling in Turkey and Tunisia. Coulthurst also mentions: “A meal out for two in resorts along the Turkish Turquoise Coast is likely to cost less than £15 for two people and a beer around £2. A meal out in Tunisia will be a similar price but drinks can be even cheaper with a beer around half that price. Plus, both countries offer some of the largest range of and best value all-inclusive holidays on the market.”

All-inclusive holidays are increasing in popularity, as British people are looking to save money on their holidays. However, not all countries are seeing an increase, as Ibiza and the Greek Island of Santorini are amongst the places who have decreased in popularity in the last year.

When choosing from holidays for a single traveller, you may want to consider Tunisia or Turkey for your perfect destination. Experience the hot weather, exotic towns and beautiful beaches, knowing that you’re getting the most for your money!