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Late June 2021 saw the most recent review by the UK government of the traffic light travel system, adding more countries to the so-called green list. Additionally, the government has announced that from the 19th of July, those who are fully vaccinated will not need to quarantine when returning from amber travel list destinations.

So, with this in mind and with new additions being added to the list of nations travellers do not need to quarantine after returning to the UK from, this is the perfect time to discuss your future travel options and, in particular, why we feel that September and October will be the perfect time to book that so-desired get-away.

At Friendship Travel, we have a host of amazing cheap singles holidays to enjoy starting from 15th August 2021, including the likes of new additions to the green list, such as picturesque Malta, the always popular Mallorca, and the bastion of tranquillity that is the Caribbean.

So, what makes September and October such great months for a solo holiday?

The majority will be vaccinated

Every day, week and month that goes by means that more and more people are getting vaccinated against COVID-19 and therefore building up immunity. By the time September and October roll around, the majority of the UK and Europe will likely have received their vaccinations, making for an even safer environment for travelling. If you are someone who has been on the fence before booking your next holiday, it’s looking like autumn 2021 will be the time to pack those suitcases and set off on a relaxing getaway in the sun.

A better time to travel

In a general sense, booking your singles holiday for September and October makes a lot of sense. At this point, the schools will be back in session making many a destination quieter for those seeking a peaceful escape. Also, it’s a cheaper time to travel being outside of those traditional summer holiday months. You can grab yourself some great deals to amazing locations around the world without much of the crowds that you would typically see in July and August when everyone and their cousin is looking for a summer getaway.

Find the sun instead of hoping it comes to you

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Let’s face it, for us Brits, it’s a bit of a lottery if our summers see much sun at all, let alone when we get around to the autumn. So, instead of banking on the elusive English sun to arrive, why not count on escaping a wet and windy September in the UK for a warmer climate elsewhere? By travelling a little later in the year, you can provide yourself with that much-needed sunshine in a country where the warm weather persists for much longer and far more consistently. In September and October, plenty of destinations in Europe and elsewhere will still see lovely temperatures outdoors, plenty of sunshine, and warm seas to enjoy a dip or a swim.

It’s hot but not scorching

While going away in the summer months is the popular choice for many, for some it means that visiting amazing destinations isn’t possible due to the scorching temperatures that can be found there. While many of us want to enjoy some time in the sun, the hot weather in July and August can be a little much. But by travelling in September and October, some of these beloved holiday locations become a little bit cooler while still being nice and warm. By delaying your holiday plans to later in the year, you can get the best of both worlds – fun in the sun but in less stifling climates.

Why travel in September and October?

  • The majority will be vaccinated
  • A better time to travel
  • Find the sun instead of hoping it comes to you
  • It’s hot but not scorching

We hope to see you travel with us for your next holiday and if September and October are attractive months to you, we at Friendship Travel have some amazing holidays and destinations to discover.

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