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Solo travel can be a thrilling experience, and when your destination is the clear, sparkling waters of the Mediterranean, you know you’re in for a real adventure. But what makes this collection of destinations perfect for solo travelling? In this article, we tell you just that.

The Weather

Of course, a lot of us choose to go away to foreign countries on the hunt for warmer climates, something the UK isn’t usually blessed with. The Mediterranean is notorious for its scorching mid-day heats and mild, pleasant evenings – an attribute that makes it perfect for adrenalin junkies as well as beach-loving solo travellers. Stunning sunsets and bright, early mornings are all reasons why this is such a popular destination.

As temperatures can reach in excess of 30c, it’s no surprise that these destinations are a hit with the tourists throughout the summer months, but this is what makes it so great for solo travellers! If you’re looking to travel in the height of the summer, then not only are you going to be greeted by brilliantly blue skies but an abundance of culture to get stuck into and like-minded travellers to meet along the way.

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The Beaches

The sand between your toes, the warm waters of the Mediterranean seas and an abundance of water sports all make the beach a hub of activity when on holiday. The location for some of the best beaches in the world, you’ll find hidden coves, ancient rock formations and stunning sunbathing spots that all make perfect contenders for a spot of snorkelling, swimming or relaxation. Es Codolar, a dreamy cove on the island of Costa Brava is the ultimate sun trap and on the edge of the old town of Tossa de Mar.

If you want to experience the true beauty of a European beach, complete with crystal blue waters, then head to Playa de Muro, one of Majorca’s popular beaches and a total gem for solo travellers. The vast expanse of golden sand makes it a hive of activity with beach bars, volleyball games and sunbathing activities all taking place during the long, summer days.

If crashing waves and the thrill of a thriving beach is more your style, then heading to Playa de Las Conchas on the small island of La Graciosa, just off the coast of Lanzarote, is the perfect spot for you. Made up by a collection of small coves, this is the ideal choice for those looking to top up the tan.

We asked Victoria Brewood, known online as Pommie Travels why she thinks the Mediterranean is an awesome location for solo travellers, this is what she had to say:

I love visiting the Mediterranean because of the mild climate, long sunny days, beautiful clear water and most of all, the freshness of the food. So many of my favourite destinations are in this part of the world, including Nice, Majorca, Croatia, Mykonos and Santorini. The Mediterranean is a great destination for solo travellers because it’s a relatively safe part of the world to travel to, with lots of great beaches and nightlife spots where you can meet people. The beauty of travelling in this part of the world is that you can explore some of Europe’s best ancient landmarks and quaint old towns, or you can choose to spend your time relaxing on the beach and partying till dawn…the Med has it all.

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The Food

It goes without saying that the food in the Med is some of the best in the world, visitors can enjoy more than just a mezze of cold meats and cheese – although still delicious.

Visit Spain for an abundance of local seafood, Patatas Bravas, Gazpacho and an array of fresh and fragrant Paella dishes. Barcelona is perfect for solo travellers as its eateries offer more than just delicious food, you can enjoy a friendly and vibrant atmosphere that outweighs all others. Visit hot-spots like Uma, La Tata or Santa Rita Experience for fabulous fine dining options, or head to the likes of Luigi’s Ice Cream and Teddy’s Barcelona for a laid back, chilled out atmosphere.

The sparkling jewel that is Sicily lies just off the edge of Italy but doesn’t fall short to its bigger compatriot in the realms of food possibilities. Offering travellers a plethora of seasonal ingredients that serve up some of the best dishes in the world. Each region holds its own speciality, but expect dishes fuelled by sardines, tuna, tomatoes, cheese and a sprinkling of herbs and spices, not forgetting the world-renowned Gelato – something that everyone has to try once when visiting.

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A few years ago, my husband and I took a dream cruise along the Mediterranean Sea. Although I had been to several of the cities prior, I was excited to visit new areas like the French Riviera and Monaco. The Mediterranean is the perfect place to travel to whether you are going on a fabulous solo trip, a girls’ trip, a couple’s trip or a family vacation. There is something for everyone. Imagine beautiful beaches and weather, mountain landscapes, UNESCO World Heritage sites, world-class dining and shopping. You will experience all of this from Spain to France to Italy. Each area has their own culture, food & wine for you to immerse yourself in. If you haven’t been what are you waiting for?” Nadeen White, The Sophisticated Life.

As Nadeen has mentioned, whether you’re heading to the Mediterranean alone or with company, the world-class heritage is second to none. With UNESCO World Heritage sites dotted across the island, you’re never going to be short of fascinating architecture and ancient gems to explore.

Home to some of Michelangelo and Botticelli’s works the standout city of Florence, you’re not going to find an encompassed location quite like Tuscany. Surrounded by crystal clear waters and immaculate Italian landscapes, it’s a real must-visit location for those with an eye of historic excellence.

Dating back to the 9th century, Pallazzo Dei Normanni is an ornate palace and museum in the heart of Palermo, Italy. The seat of kings for hundreds of years and remains the power household for subsequent rulers of Sicily. The stunning architecture and fascinating history make it a great attraction for a spot of historical reflection.


Night Life

If an upbeat atmosphere is your idea of a great time, then you’re not going to be surprised to hear that the Mediterranean is home to some of the best party islands in the world. Ibiza, Ayia Napa and Zante are all renowned for their vibrant and exotic party strips, making them popular attractions for solo travellers for years.

Clear waters, historic coves and of course, the awesome nightlife are all a given on the island of Zante. Open fronted bars, loud music and partying till the small hours of the morning are just some of the reasons this Grecian island is so popular with fun, sun seekers.

Croatia holds the title as the up and coming party destination, with Hvar and Brac fast becoming the go-to place for solo travellers. Party the night away at Varadero and then head to the beach for some late-night tipples – this cool and casual alternative is fast becoming the new party destination.

No matter where you choose to visit, you’re bound to stumble across a vibrant spot that takes your fancy.

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We’ve only mentioned a few of the thousands of reasons that the Mediterranean is the perfect location for your next cheap singles holiday, explore our website for hundreds more and book your next solo adventure.