Hello everyone.  After six months, we’re back ‘home’, home of course being lovely Caesars Gardens Hotel in Lindos on Rhodes.  One of our most popular holidays for single people, and a very welcoming little hotel.

Julie and I arrived on Wednesday afternoon, to be greeted with a positive scream of excitement by Flora, one of the hotel’s team.  It was great to see her again. Yiannis and Kosmas have clearly been busy over the winter, completing quite a lot of work at the hotel. It’s looking great, and ready to welcome our first single travellers – and it’s lost none of its traditional Greek family charm.

The pool at Caesars Gardens Hotel

Before the season starts, we are making the most of our time to catch up with old friends on the island, checking out any changes in Lindos – and trying to relax every now and again. The temperatures, even this early in the year, are already reaching the mid- to high-20s, though it is still chilly at night.





A corner of the dining area at Caesars Gardens Hotel


Rhodes is gearing up for its usual busy holiday season, and I must say the woes of Athens are a million miles away from the reality of life on such a wonderful holiday island.  Next week, we’re going over to the Lindos Memories Hotel – our five star singles holidays hotel on the island– which is about to re-open for guests. Julie and I look forward to seeing you soon in sunny Rhodes! Andrea