Below you will find some general details with regards to items to consider before you leave the UK or Ireland on your holiday.

Did you know – Airport currency exchange offices give the worst rates and charge highest commissions!

Save money by ordering your currency in advance. You can pre order and collect from outlets for example The Post Office / M&S / Asda and many other foreign exchange outlets.

Please ensure you allow enough time to travel from your home to the departure airport. If you don’t feel like driving be sure to check out National Express or train services

The most expensive prices are paid by clients who pay at the airport. We strongly recommend you book in advance. Click here for discounted prices and always book in advance for the best prices.

The majority of airlines require you to check-in online in advance of arriving at the airport. Please check on your airlines web site section of ‘checking in’ for exact details. On arrival at the airport look for your check-in desk on the screens. If you have any queries, please contact the airline desk at the airport

On all holidays the suggested meeting point is 1 hour before the scheduled departure time of your flight, outside the main / biggest Boots the Chemist / Super Drug Chemist , after security. Look out for other clients with a Friendship Travel luggage label. This is only a suggestion. You can also exchange messages with guests before your travel via our Chat Room / Message board. Visit for details.

All Overseas airports are different but the majority do offer all the main facilities you will require on arrival. This will include an information desk, toilets, ATM machine and some cafes or shops. Your Host or local representative generally cannot enter the airports and must wait for you outside baggage reclaim / customs. If you have any queries finding your bag, please go to the airline desk within the baggage hall area.

You must have a passport for all Overseas Travel. The guidelines and details depend on what passport you hold and do change. It is the clients responsibility to ensure they check any visa and passport validity details before the book and travel on a holiday. We recommend you visit here for up to date details. 

After leaving the baggage area – customs area, exit and look for the area where all Hosts – Reps – Drivers stand with name cards to meet their guests. Here you will find your Friendship Travel Host / our local agents Rep or your driver with a sign. They will arrange your transfer for you, to the hotel or cruise ship.

Once at your hotel or cruise you will have a welcome letter from our Host which gives you details on the welcome meeting and other information. On your ‘e-tickets’ which are emailed to you 10 to 14 days before departure you also have a emergency contact number for your Host / Local Agent.

Friendship Travel wants all clients to have an excellent holiday. From time to time things do go wrong. If you are not happy about an aspect of your holiday, please speak to your host immediately. Complete an Overseas Incident Report. We will aim to resolve the problem so you can have a great holiday. If our hosts are not informed about problems they cannot help you and we cannot resolve these once you return home.

Details on the currency in your resort / excursions / facilities at the hotel are given in the hotel page. If you have any questions please give us a call or drop us an email.