Boris Johnson raves about CroatiaCroatia has received the seal of approval from one of Britain’s most influential men: Boris Johnson. The Mayor of London recently visited the country on holiday and has been singing the country’s praises ever since.

He spent a long time exploring the country, trying out local delicacies from various different areas and fully appreciating the breathtaking natural surroundings of Croatia. Whilst there he met many local residents of Croatia, and he reportedly loved the country so much that he says that the next time he stays it will be for even longer.

From busy cities such as Mostar to a picturesque journey up the valley of the river Neretva, Boris had a go at everything, soaking up the local culture as well as the warm rays of sunshine.

To top off the praise the Mayor had for the country, he said that he had travelled the world but had never seen such beauty as he had on the Adriatic coastline.

Croatia has really captured the heart of Boris Johnson, and visiting lots of parts of the country as Boris did, such as its beautiful islands, is ideal for enjoying the country on solo holidays.

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