We offer solo holidays in a range of destinations – UK, Europe and long haul – and both short breaks and longer holidays. Whatever you are looking for in a solo holiday, we have a handpicked range that caters to your needs.

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A solo holiday means flexibility. That’s why when you holiday with us you’ll have a selection of airports and flights to choose from, even on trips that include the cost of the flight in the package. Once you’re in the country, we pay for the cost of transfers between the airport and the hotel, and we try to be as flexible with these as possible. However, if your flight is too far outside the designated time slot for arrival, we may have to charge extra for the additional journey we’ll need to make.

Your first solo holiday

It can be difficult to know what to expect when you set off on any holiday, and if you’re a first-timer on one of our solo holidays that’s especially true.

So we have come up with just a few of the many reasons why solo holidays with Friendship Travel can offer you an amazing holiday experience:

  • You will be travelling with plenty of like-minded people to share your experience and memories with.
  • Your Friendship Host will make you feel at ease, introducing you to your fellow solo travellers and being your point of call if you need any advice or have any concerns.
  • We have tried and tested all of our hotels and resorts for your peace of mind.
  • The people you share your time with are just as keen as you are to meet new people and experience new places.
  • Be your own tour guide! Choose what you do and who with, if you would prefer to spend some alone time relaxing, it’s not a problem.

Your fellow solo travellers

Of course, it’s always comforting to have an idea of what to expect before you head off on solo holidays for the first time, so you should know that we have guests from all walks of life, between 25 and 65, from the UK and Ireland, women and men. We don’t offer exclusive singles holidays for over 40s and 50s as we believe a mixed age group is much more fun for everyone involved.

You can also meet your fellow travellers in our Chat Room – a great place to get started once you’ve booked you solo holiday.