Whilst Christmas may be the last thing on your mind in early July, it is worth festive holidaymakers noting that the 2017 calendar falls very kindly for those looking to make the most of their annual leave.

Christmas decorations

At the end of last year, we noted in this article how the unique arrangement of Bank Holidays in 2017 allowed those who work Monday-Friday to book 18 days away from the office at the expense of just nine days’ leave.

Anyone who did not move quickly enough to take advantage of that Easter opportunity, however, will be relieved to learn that a similar situation will arise during the festive period.

The whole reason for this fortunate turn of events – as reported by the Mirror – is down to 22 December falling on a Friday. Those who are fastest to the holiday calendar should be sure to book off the 27th-29th of the month, as these are the only official working days between the start of the Christmas season and 2 January!

So, for anyone who is already dreaming of spending the winter on an idyllic singles holidays overseas, don’t delay – get that time off booked today!

Image Credit: Antonio Castagna