Cuba, Portugal and Spain are among the top trending visitor destinations this autumn.

beach in Cuba at sunset

Kayak have released their top trending destinations for the coming season, with European cities performing particularly well.

Cuba’s Havana has come out on top with the city continuing to be particularly popular for potential American travellers. 75% more searches for the city have been made this year over last. The idea of a solo holiday to Cuba seems to be becoming a more tantalising prospect by the day.

Lisbon in Portugal is a city that has grown in the public mind in recent times and has seen a 46% rise in searches in comparison to the previous year. The Portuguese capital is being seen more and more as one of the most exciting up-and-coming capitals in Europe.

In Spain, both Barcelona and Madrid make the top 5, with the two popular city destinations increasing by 35% and 32% respectively. Spain’s success in attracting visitors has been well documented of late, with news that the country welcomed a record-breaking number of visitors in July.

Rounding out the top 5 is Amsterdam with a 27% increase in interest. Following the previously mentioned cities, the top 10 is filled out by Bali, Paris, Rome, London, and Tokyo.