David Cameron - Single HolidaysThe London Olympics will benefit tourism in theUKas a whole, according to David Cameron, who said he was pleased with the progress of the Games.

With Olympic legacies hoped to reverberate around the country before, during and after the Games, the British Prime Minister believes it is vital British people shout about what is great about theUK.

He said: “This year, with the eyes of the world onBritain, and athletes and media from around the globe coming to theUK, there really is no better time to shout about all these things and more.”

He was speaking after it was announced millions of pounds have been lavished on the “Great” campaign in an effort to attract high spending tourists from overseas.

There is plenty going on around Britainthis year to attract any of those contemplating enjoying their solo holidays closer to home, the perfect base for a memorable vacation.

Image credit: University HospitalsBirmingham